Vivian's Vision

  • Reduce milage rate and lower property taxes.
  • Promote new business and increase local revenue.
  • Focus on community service projects that enhance and protect the ‘Quality of Life’ for all residents.
  • Host town hall and workshop meetings for residents on important issues within the city.
  • Seek Improvements for the railroad pathway.
  • Secure funds for our municipal parks and recreational areas.
  • Identify speeding areas and provide calming devices.
Vivians Vision

About Vivian

  • Miami Springs resident for 23 years.
  • Married to Carlos Rey, with their children, Ashley and Carlos.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Public Administration from FIU.

Campaign Resources

On the Miami-Dade County Election Website you will find information on voter registration, locations to register, voting options, voting locations, key dates to remember for upcoming elections and much more.

The Elections Department is here to serve you! Please do not hesitate to email the Elections Department with your questions and suggestions, or call 3-1-1 for additional information.